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Unable to git clone many things via docker's auto build

I am creating a docker container with a large number of tools from github. Many of them hit this error from the git clone step:

Error downloading object: src/test/resources/large/cnv_germline_workflows_test_files/chr20xy.interval_list (89016fe): Smudge error: Error downloading src/test/resources/large/cnv_germline_workflows_test_files/chr20xy.interval_list (89016fea3c722572552545ab9e6cd348820db500cdeb4ebdf92dca54764fd28a): batch response: Rate limit exceeded:

If I just comment out those particular git projects, the same error will simply occur on the next git project.
Is there a workaround? Is this perhaps caused by dockerhub’s limited container sizes? The image I’m building is rather large all downloaded, around 30 GB.