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Unable to install DTR

Hi All,

I need help to figure out the issue related to DTR installation, as UCP is working on our standalone Ubuntu OS workstation, But while going to install the DTR on same box where UCP is running it gives error as below

Your domain is not resolvable by any of your DNS servers configured in the hosts resolv.conf. The hosts resolve.conf is mounted in containers and used for name resolution.


As I tried to test the evaluation version so not added the DNS in our production DNS record, I have retried with IP giving below fatal error can you suggest how we can mitigate the error


Both, UCP and DTR bind the host ports 80 and 443. The UCP and DTR installation require the ports to be free in order to install. Also, running both on the same node is not supported. You can change the port UCP is listening on (either from the UI or the cli) and then install DTR once the ports are changed.