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Unable to link to digital ocean

(Hui Wang) #1

Hello all,

I’m not able to link to digit ocean. I managed to authorize access to docker cloud but the docker cloud is unable to establish the link. Consequently, i can’t create clusters.

Has someone encountered the same issue ?


(Mc388) #2

I have the same issue.

Are there any solutions to fix this?

(Hui Wang) #3

I haven’t found any solution. I’m trying to link with amazon. What a pity.

(Raman Gupta) #4

Another +1 here. Sent them a support request a couple of days ago but no response.

(Ryan Kennedy) #5

Thanks for the feedback. We are investigating the issue.

(Ryan Kennedy) #6

We have introduced a fix for the issue users were experiencing when attempting to connect Digital Ocean accounts, which is now available production.

Thanks for the feedback and please let us know if you experience any further issues.

(Ryan Kennedy) #7