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Unable to register a storage class

(Dlink7) #1

I am trying to register this config

kind: StorageClass
name: gold
annotations: "true"
provisioner: nutanix/abs
prismEndPoint: xxxxx:9440
dataServiceEndPoint: xxxxxx:3260
user: admin
password: xxxxxx/
secretName: xxxx
storageContainer: kube
fsType: ext4
chapAuthEnabled: false

I get getting this error
error when creating “storage.yaml”: StorageClass in version “v1” cannot be handled as a StorageClass: v1.StorageClass: Parameters: ReadString: expects " or n, parsing 200 …Enabled":f… at {

any pointers

(Danielrmartin) #2

I am also facing a similar issue. Is it possible to define a storageclass?

(Dantranter) #3

I’ve run into the same issue, is Docker EE going to support the ability to define a storage class…perhaps when it goes GA?