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Unable to remap NFS fs to container after initial success

(Ben Zhou) #1

I successfully mapped NFS fs to a container with the command below:

docker run -tid -p 11420:1414 -v /HA/Data/:/Data --name “HAcontainer” myimg:1.0

It started smoothly, so I modified the container and committed it back to an image for real use. But after removing the old container, and start it again with the same command, the container starts, but the volume mapping is not there anymore.

Where should I look for cause of the failure?

I used docker logs, and docker inspect, but none provide any error information. Also /var/log/messages contains no information.

thanks much for any insight!

(Archimedes Trajano) #2

You may want to try using the ContainX-volume-netshare plugin to do your NFS. I would offer my plugin which is a managed plugin but it is still WIP.

(Ben Zhou) #3

Resolved. it was a typo in my restart mapping