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Understanding Docker Cloud build process

(Mazyad Alabduljaleel) #1


I have an Elixir project, which depends on private dependencies that it fetches using mix. To fetch these dependencies, the host system needs to have the associated SSH key and mix to be available.

I thought that if I connected my own node to docker cloud, set that up with mix and SSH keys, then use it to build the image, everything would work … but it doesn’t.

I’m using the hooks/pre_build in an attempt to run /usr/local/bin/mix deps.get to fetch the dependencies before building the image, but it can’t find mix. My best guess is that docker cloud is using my node to run a docker “builder” container, which the scripts are executed from within?

Is there any way I can leverage Docker Cloud automated builds, and use the node environment that I have already setup? If not, what would be the alternative?