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Universal Control Plane 1.1.2 has been released!

(Vivek Saraswat) #1

We are pleased to announce the latest GA patch update to Universal Control Plane (v1.1.2)! You can find more detailed info on the changes in the UCP release notes. As always, you can either upgrade your current deployment or you can install a new deployment of UCP.

Some of the changes in UCP version 1.1.2:

New features: Improved support bundles, tuning key-value store snapshots at install, filtering images in UI, and more
Bug fixes: Fixed ping requests causing memory leaks, failure to install on hostnames with > 41 chars, and more
New components: Upgraded etcd to 2.3.6 and rethinkDB to 2.3.4

One note: UCP 1.1.2 does not support Engine 1.12’s new integrated swarm-mode. Instead, it will run the classic Swarm 1.2.3 with swarm-join and swarm-master containers on the cluster. For more information on our future plans for UCP running on swarm-mode, check out my blog post here.

Feel free to leave any feedback on this release here on the forums or through your Docker field rep.