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Updating my stack is slow

(Paulskinnerac) #1

I have a stack on docker cloud of a 8 containers. Whenever I update the stack file, the spinner will spin for several minutes, but no changes are applied. But I have had some cases where the changes are applied in 10 seconds. I also find that going into each service and editing them directly in the GUI can update them quickly. But not all settings are available in the GUI.

I am running my server on AWS. It is a large instance.

Is anyone else finding that updating their entire stack file can be extremely slow at times? Have you found a solution?

Update: I found that if I made a mistake in the compose file, it will just hang and not point it out. I made a new stack with my updated stack file and I received an error

(Tuityrelease) #2

I had a section referencing an image with no exposed ports. Once that was removed the stackfile saved. Other people have reported that too.

(Paulskinnerac) #3

I have noticed the same. If there are any errors in your stack file, the spinner will spin indefinitely. I do see the alert boxes on the top right for certain errors. But mostly, the page will sit loading indefinitely if there is an error in the stack file.

(Oscardiedrichs) #4

Having the same problem. Had to resort to using the docker-cloud cli.

(Lizter) #5

When I save my stackfiles, I always have my developer console up in Chrome. If any errors, the API will throw a 400 Bad request, but no feedback is given to the user. I manually inspect the response from the API under the network pane to figure out what went wrong. Because the response is often somewhat cryptic, I tend to save after every small change I do to figure out where it went wrong.

(Tuityrelease) #6

Im not sure why this isnt being addressed by docker? The stackfile editor at the very least needs a syntax checker and api errors to be propogated to the UI. Come on!

I recommended docker cloud to someone yesterday and they had issues with using the gui (problem saving stack file etc). Guess what they abandoned it.

(Oscardiedrichs) #7

Have the same problem. takes to long. Spins forever. But it usually updates, will take @lizter 's tip of having the dev console up next time I need to update the stack to see what/if it returns anything.

While using the CLI i’ve gotten a couple of 504 timeouts. But stack has updated.

Running a stack with 20 and one with 18 containers.

(Paulskinnerac) #8

@tuityrelease Hopefully docker cloud has good metrics that will point it out if your friend isn’t the only one to leave because of issues getting started.

They seem to be good at fixing things. Although they seem to have a long list of good new features coming up.