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Updating Perl inside docker contaienr


I’m very new to docker and linux for that matter.
i’ve been running Logitech Media Server but every build only has audio::scan 0.95
I need it to be 1.0.2 to support opus file formats
If i read correctly i need to update perl for this to version 5.24 or 5.26

How would I go about this?

Same problem, you can download perl in the official website, it worked for me

i’m not sure how i go about installing it though, lost several hours googling this issue
Or maybe you would be so kind to share your docker image?

There are official Perl images, but I think you confound two things. The version of Audio::Scan is not related to the Perl version. The most recent version is 1.01, not 1.02 (see here) and you can install it with

cpanm Audio::Scan

in your Dockerfile. Just tried it, it installs even on Perl 5.16.

wow ok, that’s great new, i’ll try this. thanks a lot!

edit. I’m getting the same error in different containers. No idea what it means

Running make for B/BI/BIGJ/Test-Warn-0.36.tar.gz
Warning: Prerequisite ‘Sub::Uplevel => 0.12’ for ‘BIGJ/Test-Warn-0.36.tar.gz’ failed when processing ‘DAGOLDEN/Sub-Uplevel-0.2800.tar.gz’ with ‘make => NO’. Continuing, but chances to succeed are limited.
make – NOT OK
Has already been unwrapped into directory /root/.cpan/build/Audio-Scan-1.01-OQEJP3
Has already been prepared
Running make for A/AG/AGRUNDMA/Audio-Scan-1.01.tar.gz
Warning: Prerequisite ‘Test::Warn => 0’ for ‘AGRUNDMA/Audio-Scan-1.01.tar.gz’ failed when processing ‘BIGJ/Test-Warn-0.36.tar.gz’ with ‘make => NO’. Continuing, but chances to succeed are limited.
make – NOT OK

This means the installation of module Test::Warn fails. Difficult to tell the reason when I don’t know how you build your image.
You could try cpanm --notest Audio::Scan, but as the options says this will install it untested.