Upload a codeigniter web site

I should install a web site with a code for Codeigniter. I never worked with codeigniter, …

The site should be on Digital Ocean. Should I use a Ubuntu droplet and install docker/docker-composer by myself or should I use a Docker droplet? Whats the difference and why should I choose it?

Next is to make a directory in my home and download the docker file. How do I choose the right one for my task? I mean I know I need codeigniter, on another web site on the same server I will need also MySQL (not on my first upload). This server will also run nginx.

I have another server, which runs with Apache and I would like to test it there first. Docker and docker-composer are installed. As said Apache is already running and I am not yet ready to swap it to nginx. How can I run parallel Apache for my sites not installed on a docker container and this testing site? I guess I will use nginx docker with a different port (instead of 80). Actually for my current test I only want to know if my docker with codeigniter will work.

Are you planning for


in 4 docker containers?


Actually, I was not thinking to use Apache2 at all.

Could you provide your supposed architecture diagram?

Lets start over, I got a web site, that is made with codeigniter. How do I use it with docker/docker-compose?

I tried this docker-compose.yml file:
version: '3’
image: 'bitnami/codeigniter:latest’
kompose.service.type: nodeport
- '8000:8000’
- '.:/app’
- mariadb
image: 'bitnami/mariadb:latest’

and fired it up with:
docker-compose up -d

I go to the IP address on port 8000 and see the codeigniter page

Next I renamed the directory myapp to myapp-orig and created a new myapp, in which I uploaded the entire web site I got. Going to the IP:8000 I see something. Unfortunately its not the correct web site. Since the owner of the site has not setup the DNS, I cannot use the domain name yet, therefore the IP address.

It’s my first time, so I might be completely wrong what I am doing. Please guide me.

It is OK. We were all first timers some time :slight_smile:

Have you read


you will get real-time support for CodeIgniter here


Go to the #container channel