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Use Docker in entrerprise


(Pierrefevrier) #1


Relatively new to Docker, I’m asking myself what is the best practice to use Docker under a corporate proxy.

I’m running Docker on a Windows 7 computer (via VitualBox/Docker Toolbox).
I have setup my Docker machine thanks to the following topic, so I can pull images from internet:

Now my problem is: container don’t know about proxy so apt-get doesn’t work :confused:
I have heard about transparent proxy (like, but I can’t make it works on Windows.

My enterprise has an Artifactory reverse proxy which can store Docker images and system packages so I hope it is possible to setup Docker to use Artifactory as generic provider for Docker images and containers.

Can you point me topics talking about Docker in enterprise or maybe ask me how to setup my installation to make it work ?

Thanks for your help !