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Using Dockercloud-authorizedkeys, failing to establish SSH from local node to AWS node


(Pkzad) #1

My initial goal: Securly transfer files from local node to AWS node.

I have a local node running:
A stack containing two services, PostgreSQL and Odoo.
A stack containing the dockercloud-authorizekeys service.
And an independent service that backups volumes from the primary stack to the host.

Using the docker-cloud UI I created a second node cluster using AWS. That worked fine.

I downloaded the stack file from my local node that I wanted to test and created a new stack on the AWS node.

I thought I would be able to SSH into the AWS node from the local node then restore the backup files on remote AWS node.

Each time I try and connect it fails with “Permission Denied” (Public Key).

It seems to me I am missing some very elementary, so simple, something stupid I should know but I can’t solve it.

Can anyone kindly advise me what I may be missing or if there is a smarter way to move files from node to node?