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Using instance internal IP for DNS discovery

(Diego Marangoni) #1

I’m using BYON aws nodes inside a VPC
All the nodes get registered with exactly the same IP address, the public one attached to my VPC internet gateway which does not make much sense when using with DNS discovery.

Is there a way to make the Docker Cloud Agent announce the internal instance IP (10.x.x.x) instead the public one? I can’t find it on documentation.

I want to use the DNS discovery to access round robin my elasticsearch service, but can’t find a way.

(Borja Burgos) #2

Unfortunately this is not possible today, the Docker Cloud agent publishes only your node’s public IP.

(Rgarrisonmanta) #3

I would like to bump this, since it is also my use case and the update is a little old. Is there any plan to implement this? We run many private services and would like to adopt docker cloud, but right now this issue is holding our implementation back.

(Borja Burgos) #4

You can use Docker Cloud’s private service discovery and overlay network for your private services.