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Using "move" within mounted volume fails on Windows Server 2019 Core with FSRM (File Server Resource Manager) feature

First time posting on this forum.

The issue

I am using Docker EE (version 19.03.2, build c92ab06ed9) on a Windows Server 2019 Core and I noticed an odd behavior when attempting to move a file or a folder within a Windows Server Core container’s mounted volume. The problem appears after I installed the FSRM (File Server Resource Manager) windows feature on the host and create at least one quota on a folder (any folder, not necessarily a mounted volume one).

Steps to reproduce

1. Run a Windows Server Core from Docker’s image with a mounted volume.

2. Install the FSRM windows feature on the host, using PowerShell:
PS C:\>Install-WindowsFeature -Name FS-Resource-Manager
Optional: reboot the host (was needed to make the following PowerShell command work).

3. Create a new quota on any folder on the host (ex. C:\Test) using the PowerShell’s New-FsrmQuota command:
PS C:\> New-FsrmQuota -Path "C:\Test" -Description "Limit usage to 100MB." -Size 100MB

4. To test, connect interactively to a command console on the running container from step 1 with:
docker exec -it <container name> cmd

5. Change to the directory corresponding to the mounted volume and create a new text file and a new folder:
cd <path to mounted volume folder within container>
echo Test > test.txt
mkdir Test

6. Try to move the file:
move test.txt c:\test.txt

This will produce the following error:

The system cannot find the path specified.
        0 file(s) moved.

7. Try to move the folder:
move Test c:\Test

This will produce the following error:

Access is denied.
        0 dir(s) moved.

Note: to copy a file/folder from or to the mounted volume, delete it or even append to the file works, only attempts to move the file/folder within the mounted volume seems to cause the issue. My guess is there is some conflict with the added properties on files/folders to handle FSRM quota feature from the host.

It seems that as soon as there is a quota defined on a host’s folder, the described issue occurs. To fix, I had to remove the FSRM feature and reboot the server, after that the move command worked again within mounted volume.

So for now, I cannot use quota on the server, hopefully someone can shed some light on what’s actually going on with this, thanks.