Using old images

I’m a novice.I have running docker with mariadb, nextcloud and portainer. I also installed watchtower. Unfortunately watchtower upgraded my nextcloud and mariadb. My old images of mariadb and nextcloud are still there. How can i use my old images, instead of the upgraded version ?
Is there a step for step instruction for it. How to build a new container with the old images ?

It depends on the version differences. if your the mariadb is not compatible with the previous version, you can try to export each database, delete the databases or use an other volume and import everything back. The solution for NextCloud could be similar.

If you can downgrade your system successfully, don’t forget to use a specific version like 10.7.1 and not 10.7 and definitely not 10. Watchtower would probably not update in that case. Or would it?