Using remote desktop to run linux on chromebook

I am trying to run a unix gui on my chromebook using windows remote desktop

I am using the container image frxyt/xrdp

the documentation for this image is
after installing docker, I entered

docker run --rm -p 33890:3389 frxyt/xrdp:cinnamon

after a lot of activity the command stopped without reentering bash

I then launched microsoft remote desktop, but I am unsure how to connect to my container.

clicking on the + icon at the top right, I am prompted for some information

I know the default user name and password are debian and ChangeMe. but don’t know what to do next.

I was advised to use this image on the r/crostini forum


Got the answer to this question on the reddit forum

Okay, now that I’ve found a way of running debian on my chromebook using remote desktop. Can anyone suggest an ubuntu image that does the full distro, with all the tools, in the same way.