Using tensorflow with Python 3.7.3?

I noticed that DockerHub has an image for jupyter/tensorflow notebook.If I run this as a container, I notice that it has pre-installed tensorflow, keras and all the associated supporting software such as cuda.

That is good since an install of tensorflow has always been challenging.

However, I noticed that the default python version in this image is 3.7.3. That does not seem right.It seems from my use and installation of tensorflow in the past must be with python 3.6.3. This is an annoying anomaly since it would seem that installing tensorflow has always been with python 3.6.3.

in fact the instructions warn the user/installer that it will not install with anything above python 3.6.3?

Has this changed recently? I am surprised by the pairing of tensorflow and python 3.7.3. That just seems to go against all that I have learned.

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.