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"vapor docker build" fails on ubuntu 14.04

Hi, I’m trying to build a simply “hello world” vapor project with the command ‘vapor docker build’, first I created the DockerFile with ‘vapor docker init’ and the ‘.swift-version’ file with ‘swiftenv local 3.0’.

When I try to build, after some seconds the console shows this error:

Error: Docker build failed: The command ‘/bin/sh -c SWIFT_ARCHIVE_NAME=$SWIFT_VERSION-$SWIFT_PLATFORM && SWIFT_URL=$SWIFT_BRANCH/$(echo “$SWIFT_PLATFORM” | tr -d .)/$SWIFT_VERSION/$SWIFT_ARCHIVE_NAME.tar.gz && wget $SWIFT_URL && wget $SWIFT_URL.sig && gpg --verify $SWIFT_ARCHIVE_NAME.tar.gz.sig && tar -xvzf $SWIFT_ARCHIVE_NAME.tar.gz --directory / --strip-components=1 && rm -rf $SWIFT_ARCHIVE_NAME* /tmp/* /var/tmp/*’ returned a non-zero code: 8

I’m using vapor v1.0.3 and the latest version of docker on ubuntu 14.04