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Vim and Powershell scrolling halts in vi

Having deployed a Fedora (FC24) docker image and a separate python (python 3.2) docker image. Both experience the same problem if I connect a terminal to the image e.g. "
docker exec -it fedora bash
If I open a file say /etc/bashrc or /etc/bash.bashrc with vi or vim I and then I start to scroll down with the cursor block the cursor at random points stops scrolling and vi command line (at the bottom of the terminal) shows
If I scroll away and then back again over those lines it stops again at the same point. That point seems to vary, so there may be 3-4 locations in the file where it will stop when scrolling and all appear to be normal bash code or comments, I can’t see tell what is going on. Has this behaviour been seen before?

Anyone have any insight as to how to resolve this problem?


Same issue here, in a CentOS Docker container. Well, very, very similar. I can’t scroll to the bottom, and when I get more than 2/3 of the way down a file (same in VI and VIM) the buffer gets jacked and starts printing the lines on top of each other without scrolling. Very annoying.