Volume Mapping doesn't work when not connected to a domain

Expected behavior

Once configured, I should be able to use Docker for Windows, including volume mapping, when working from home.

Actual behavior

When not directlyed connected to our corporate network, volume mapping fails.


Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Configure volume mapping while in the office
  2. Go home, or otherwise work while not connected to the corporate network. May require a reboot, or log out/in as credentials may be cached
  3. Attempt to use volume mapping docker run -it -v /c/Users/Public:/wormhole busybox
  4. Volume mapping fails
  5. Go to settings in the system tray
  6. Notice volume mapping is disabled, or the checkboxes are unchecked

Thanks for this one Steve,

At least, login/logout or restart must not unshare your drives and they must be reachable which is not that hard to fix.

The account used was a corporate domain account. When at home, and unable to validate the domain account, Monu will fail to mount. I tried switching to a local account that I granted admin privileges but it doesn’t reflect any files on the host with ls.
I wonder if this could be achieved more reliably with an account used by the Docker for Windows Service