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'volumes_from' not working on organization accounts?


(Lizter) #1

I try to use the “volumes_from” feature when creating a service on an organization account. When saving, I get a 401 Unauthorized reply from the API.
I tried to duplicate the stack on my personal account and it works.

Is this a bug with the newly introduced organization accounts, or could this be something else?

(Arnaud de Mouhy) #2

Same problem here :frowning: Validation error with no reason when updating stack

(Andrewalexmac) #3

Here too! Would really appreciate any workarounds until this is fixed.

(Mehdig) #4

Thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this issue and will respond in the next few hours.

(Pablo Chico de Guzman Huerta) #5

We have identified the issue. I will post here when the fix is available in production

(Andrewalexmac) #6

Any ETA on how soon we can expect a fix?

(Pablo Chico de Guzman Huerta) #7

We have just deployed a new version with the fix