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Volumes in cloud cannot use name/alias

(Eduard Camaj) #1

It seems that there is no way to create volume in cloud via “alias” or “name” (not defining specific host folder). There is only possiblity to add a host path.

Use case: I want to expose some folders from container1 to some volume name/alias and use this name/alias as different folder on container2.
container1: /var/logs/some1 => container2: /var/logs/some2

Improvement needed for docker cloud or I’m missing something?

(Gustavostor) #2

I have the same use case. I want to share a volume to two different services, each with a different folder mapping.


(Pablo Chico de Guzman Huerta) #3

Sorry, it is not possible at the moment (the only option now is “volumes_from” which reuses the mapping). We are working on moving Docker Cloud to a pure native docker implementation, so DC always supports the latest features in docker-compose or the docker engine. It is an ongoing work

(Eduard Camaj) #4

Cool, thanks for the info. Glad you are working on it.