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Wait while folders are created

(Sparklyballs) #1

I’m attempting to make an XBMC headless docker to be used in an unraid environment, i’m looking to make it as appliance like as is possible, to whit the problems are thus.

XBMC when it first runs creates a series of folders in the home folder of the current user or in opt if run in portable mode

the settings file needed to edit to make XBMC work headless is not created by default and needs to be in a specific place within the created folders, so i need some kind of loop that waits until the folders are created before moving/copying the settings file into the correct place.

running xbmc in this way isn’t the most stable of things so it needs supervisor to keep it alive, so any script for start/entrypoint needs to call supervisor.

any help greatly appreciated.

(Sven Dowideit) #2

has some examples that might be useful to you.

If you can tell xbmc to create the folders and files, and then exit using a commandline flag, then you could get it to do so when building your image (ie in the Dockerfile).

that way, the image would be ready to run.