What are some potential solutions to troubleshoot unexpected behavior when deploying a containerized application on Azure using Docker?

I am taking the Azure Development Course and using Docker for Azure development. However, when I try to deploy my containerized application, I am encountering some unexpected behavior. Can you help me troubleshoot?

Expected behavior
I expect my containerized application to be deployed successfully on Azure.

Actual behavior
However, when I try to deploy my application, I encounter errors and the deployment fails.

Additional Information
I am using Docker Compose to manage my multi-container application, and I have verified that my Docker images are correctly built and tagged. Additionally, I have confirmed that my Azure subscription is valid and has sufficient resources to deploy my application.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Clone my application’s source code from the GitHub repository.
  2. Build and tag the Docker images using the provided Dockerfile and docker-compose.yml files.
  3. Run the command ‘docker-compose up’ to start the containers locally and verify that the application works as expected.
  4. Create an Azure Container Registry and push the Docker images to it.
  5. Use the Azure CLI to create a new Azure Container Instance using the Docker images from the registry.
  6. Monitor the deployment logs and observe the deployment failure.