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What happened to my free t-shirt?

(Ilanpillemer) #1


I followed all the steps, but the final confirmation email did not come - so what’s up?


Docker cloud t-shirt campaign
(Janeczku) #2

Me too! The confirmation email never made it into my inbox. I’d really like to get that shirt! :yum:

(Lei Xu) #3

:joy: me too! I really really like to get that shirt!

(Dnsbty) #4

Is there something we have to do after deploying our first node to get the shirt?

(Lukas Welte) #5

Also deployed my first node and some services on top.
Have not received any confirmation email and I would love to have that shirt.

(Kickingthetv) #6

Please make sure you’ve entered the t-shirt campaign here:

Once you’ve registered and deployed a new node, you should receive a confirmation email, please check your spam filter if you don’t see it!

Hope this helps, and we can’t wait to get you in a Docker t-shirt :slight_smile:

(Mahmoud Saada) #7

I didn’t get an email either even though I deployed my node.

(Andreas Botzler) #8

Same here,
just followed the steps again, but didn’t get any email yet

I also did the complete onboarding, but nothing.

(Andrew) #9

No confirm email for us either.

(Tudor Marghidanu) #10

Me neither… I was really hoping for a t-shirt… :frowning:

(Aaron Kunz) #11

Me too - I think that campaign is over …

(Updong) #12

same here. deployed and haven’t got a confirmation email.

I entered my email in :

and also checked spam folder.

(Webresh) #13

I got email, got tracking number, but UPS didn’t send it out of USA, my T-Shirt is still there since April.

(Andrew) #14

Be patient, mine did the exact same thing, and it took a month and a bit to turn up, last tracking was inside USA, but it eventually turned up in my country (New Zealand).