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What happened to my images

(Kbushong) #1

I had a Docker Engine server running on Digital Ocean. It had 3 running containers and corresponding images (not production). I wanted to try out Docker Cloud so I installed it on that server. It appears to have removed Docker Engine and all of my images and containers. Is there any way to get these back? If not, a warning that all containers will be deleted should pop up before installing the Docker Cloud on the server. While these may not have been in production, if I can’t get them back, I will have uncountable hours of work.

(Quentinsf) #2

Yes, I had the same thing happen. Fortunately I could just recreate the node with docker-machine and redeploy with docker-compose… but it was still an inconvenience.

Like you, I assumed that installing docker cloud on a machine already running docker containers would not be quite so destructive!