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What is docker/ucp-dsinfo:2.2.0?


(Aaron Ruiz) #1

Hi All,

It looks like we had docker/ucp-dsinfo:2.2.0 deploy and exit in our environment. Does anyone know what this container is supposed to do? It deployed to all our manager and worker nodes without our teams knowledge. Have you seen this before @pdevine? My assumption it’s an internal UCP info check. Thanks!


(Aaron Ruiz) #2

I figured you might be a good POC for this @pdevine :grin:

(Patrick Devine) #3

dsinfo is a one-shot container which dumps a bunch of support info from a given docker engine. UCP uses it for support dumps to stream everything back to the user and then creates a zip file with all of the data collected.
Someone must have run a support dump on your cluster.

(Aaron Ruiz) #4

Awesome! That’s what I was hoping but wanted to make sure. Thanks Patrick!