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What is the point of the new (beta) Swarm Mode?

(Tai Lee) #1

As far as I can tell, with the introduction of “Swarm Mode”, Docker Cloud has been reduced to nothing more than a shortcut to provision nodes on AWS and a place to get a command line incantation to connect your local Docker CLI to the swarm?

ALL of the other benefits of Docker Cloud have gone away. You can’t see or manage stacks, services, containers, timelines, logs, or exec into running containers, etc. You basically login to, copy and paste the command line incantation into your terminal, and then proceed to manage absolutely everything via command line?

I hope this is not the future of Docker Cloud, and I hope that the current Docker Cloud UI has been basically abandoned in favour of this new Swarm Mode, and that the current UI will continue to be upgraded to the latest version of Docker Engine (it’s still 2 major versions behind).

This seems like a massive step backwards.

(Ziontech) #2

I asked Docker Cloud and they said this is just a very early preview and that the rest of the functionality will follow.

All the concepts needed to make Docker Swarms work in a way similar to how Docker Cloud currently works have been introduced in Docker Compose v3 so I’m assuming whats left is really an interface over the top of the groundwork they’ve put down the beta.

(Kickingthetv) #3

In the standard non-swarm mode there is an incompatibility with engine 1.12+, which is the reason we’re moving in the direction of this new swarm mode. Swarm mode in Cloud will eventually let you deploy and manage swarm resources using the swarm-native APIs, through a UI similar to your current non-swarm mode experience.

This is a big step towards making a consistent and great Docker experience accessible anywhere you use it, whether that’s on your desktop, through Docker Cloud, through an IaaS provider, or on premise.

(Dmitriy) #4

Is there an ETA for this?

(Kickingthetv) #5

It should land sometime in Q2 this year.

Automatic deployment post push
(John Thayer) #6

Does “moving in the direction of this new swarm mode” mean the existing Node Cluster / Stack mode will be deprecated and no longer supported? If this is the case, it is time to start leaving Docker Cloud. Swarm mode isn’t for everyone - too much overhead. What is the incompatibility with engine 1.12+? Can’t you adapt without abandoning the standard mode? This lack of direction transparency to your paying customers is terrible.

(J3st3r666) #7

Ok, this post is very useful. Also it give us some important answer.
Can you confirm us that non swarm-mode will be available as legacy until swarm-mode UI will cover all the functionalities (above all stackfiles-driven deploy, services logs inspection, terminal etc)?
Thank you very much.

(Kickingthetv) #8

Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that we’ve enabled Standard Mode for all accounts. For more information about the future of Standard and Swarm mode, we just shared this post: Docker Cloud Swarm Mode (Beta) Update

(Tai Lee) #9

Thanks for pointing us to the blog post. It’s good that standard mode is still available to all users, and that the existing experience will eventually be available with Docker Engine 1.12+ and Swarm Mode.

I am still a bit shocked that you even considered (let alone actually went ahead with) making the swarm mode beta the default, and even making standard mode not available to new users.

Sure, the swarm mode beta is nice in that it allows you to provision and then fairly easily connect your CLI to a remote swarm, but as far as I can tell, that is literally the only thing that swarm mode beta currently does. That is in no way shape or form anywhere near a replacement for the features Docker Cloud currently provides. It’s more like alpha or early technology preview, and certainly not a good first experience for new users.

I hope that the existing Docker Cloud UI, features and end-user experience will carry over to Docker Engine 1.12+ and swarm mode sooner than later, or I fear many people will abandon Docker Cloud, as standard mode will be running more and more outdated Docker Engine (it’s already 2 or 3 versions behind).

(Isenciabe) #10

Any news when there will be an engine upgrade and UI-upgrade for docker-swarm mode ?

In March there was a notification that there would be updates at regular intervals but nothing seems to change anymore

(Adam Duro) #11

@kickingthetv I too would love an update. We just moved our whole kit and kaboodle over to Docker Swarm via Docker Cloud, and would love to know when some sugar will be added. Right now, the lack of at least some kind of more dev friendly CLI beyond just connecting to the Swarm via the provided command line proxy and using native docker cli is worrisome. I’m finding it very easy to forget which swarm I’m connected to, and I know in the hands of devs less familiar with the docker CLI, something is going to go wrong quick.

Take a look at Convox’s CLI ( They have a nice convox switch command that lets me switch between “racks” (or swarms in Docker). I can also easily output to a console prompt which rack I’m currently connected to.

Either way. Very eager to see how Docker Cloud goes all in with Swarm.

(Klaveness) #12


Is there any news on progress?. We are seriously discussing moving to Azure hosted docker swarm mode and for management. It is certainly a less holistic solution compared with docker cloud, but our Docker cloud Azure Node Clusters are getting outdated, and do not support encryption etc.


Tarjei @ Klaveness

(Klaveness) #13

Any news on when we can see any development of the docker cloud swarm mode?

(Oleksii) #14


Could you please give a hint when this new UI for managing Docker Swarms (similar to non-swarm mode) is going to be ready?

It would be really-really nice to have it so the Docker-Cloud may be used for full CI/CD cycle of Docker oriented applications. It would be much more convenient to have it in one place then trying to use additional 3rd parties like Rancher or Portainer.

Thank in advance!

(Tai Lee) #15

I get the impression that Docker Cloud (both swarm mode and standard) are being left to rot, and especially standard mode which is still running a very very old version of Docker Engine now. That’s a shame, because Docker has historically always had such a rapid pace of development. Already Docker Engine is too old to take advantage of some great improvements, but there’s no obvious alternative or migration path away from Docker Cloud.

(Mahesh33) #16

I don’t see any progress in swarm UI. Is there any ETA plz ?

Is docker cloud being discontinued?
(Aronm) #17

Any news? It would be nice to know if there is actually any active development on going as nothing seems to have happened with Docker Cloud & Swarm (Beta) in a long time now…

(Tai Lee) #18

Nothing is even happening in response to Meltdown/Spectre. If Docker Cloud is abandoned, tell us and stop charging $15/month per node so we can start to look for alternatives.

(Henriquebf) #19

I also dont link this long silence… It has been providing a great convenience in terms of managing our infrastructure, but make us feel uncertain about the future of the service.

(Devkws) #20

Any further information? Is docker cloud dying/going away?