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What will happen to UCP with the release of Docker 1.12?

(Ken42) #1


I’ve been looking into the new networking/orchestration features that are coming out in Docker 1.12. My understanding is, in Docker 1.12, all the Swarm functionality (and more) will be integrated into Docker itself and Swarm itself will be obsolete (could be wrong about that).

What then will happen with UCP, which has Swarm “built-in”? Will a new version of UCP be released which will replace Swarm integration with the new Docker 1.12 networking/orchestration components?

Just trying to get an idea of what to expect in terms of changes to UCP when Docker 1.12 is released.


(Kumar) #2

I have the same question. I am just wondering how to integrate UCP with new swarm mode(when UCP already has the swarm). is there any other UI tool that we can use to see the new swarm mode??

(King Chung Huang) #3

I’m about to start a Docker Data Center trial, and am also wondering the same. All the new features and changes in 1.12 make me wonder if I should hold off on the DDC trial until there’s details about how this is going to work.

(Vivek Saraswat) #4

Hi All,

The current production build of UCP runs on top of Commercially Supported Engine 1.11 and will continue to do so for the immediate future, for the purposes of stability and support. When Commercially Supported Engine 1.12 is released (typically this happens a few weeks after the open-source release) then we should support UCP 1.1.X running on top of that version. However, UCP 1.1.X will still run using the “classic” Swarm with separate swarm-master/swarm-join containers.

At DockerCon we demoed a preview build of UCP (tentatively called UCP 1.2) running on Engine 1.12 with the new built-in Swarm mode. This is something that is currently in development. We’ll keep you updated on how that is progressing in the coming weeks, and how you might be able to get access.

If you are interested in using Docker Datacenter, I would not hold off on the trial. Test it out as the primary features and value propositions remain the same (web UI, enterprise integrations, shared DTR authentication, access control, etc.) regardless of whether UCP runs in the new Swarm mode or the “classic” Swarm containers.