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What's the difference between Docker Cloud linked to AWS and Docker for AWS


(Dockwork) #1

The blog introduced Docker for AWS and Docker for Azure.
Since you can link either of those to Docker Cloud, I’m curious about when and why you would choose Docker Cloud vs Docker for AWS/Azure?

Or are they intended to be used together?

(Paulascher) #2

I’m wondering the exact same thing.

(Michael Clifford) #3

Docker for AWS/Azure will setup an underlying infrastructure on the respective provider utilizing Docker Swarm as well as managing the load balancers and network involved. The result of that will be a Swarm infrastructure: nodes that you can target to deploy containers to run your services, orchestrated and managed with Swarm.

(Vanderkerkoff) #4

This got me a bit puzzled as well. So docker for AWS/Azure is a tool to help you setup and use docker swarm, in essence?

Is that about right?

(Johnparn) #5

Does that mean that DockerCloud will be extended or partly replaced by Docker by AWS? Just wondering in case we would like to subscribe to the DockerCloud service and if we are to expect upcoming changes.

(Geoff Bowers) #6

Docker for AWS runs a full blown, swarm based PaaS entirely within your own infrastructure. Docker Cloud manages the orchestration, node clusters, build options, etc for you while you run just the Docker Hosts in your own infrastructure.

Certainly they are competing projects but it depends where on the managed services spectrum you sit; Docker Cloud is more managed, Docker for AWS is less managed.

If you don’t know why you would want one over the other, I would recommend sticking with Docker Cloud.

(Johnparn) #7

Thanks for the clarification @modius.

So Docker Cloud doesn’t use swarm when creating services?

(Manuel Ortiz) #8

I am researching both solutions but have not come up with an accurate answer of which is best apart from that the Docker Cloud solution is more managed than the Docker for AWS. Also, I found out that Docker Cloud does not work with AWS ECR (AWS Docker Registry), however, I don’t know if Docker for AWS does. Is that another difference between both systems? What other differences exist between them?

(Jmiraglia) #9

One thing to note is that Docker Cloud is cloud provider agnostic, for us that was a big deal. No reason to get locked in with Amazon or Microsoft in their cloud. Hypothetically speaking, you could move your application from cloud to cloud as prices change, or in our case, use multiple cloud providers to provide fault tolerance. Even though cloud provider outages are rare, they do occur. I believe the closest point of failure are the Docker Cloud DNS services in this approach.

(Mariner) #10

Is it hypothetically speaking or you conducted such moving? It is complicated?