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WhatsApp Api in Docker Container?

I have a Docker container that contains my own microservice. This microservice sends WhatsApp messages to customers via an interface. For this you need a connection to Whatsapp Web.
If I start the microservice locally from the Docker and connect my cell phone to Whatsapp Web, it works. It is not possible for me to start a Whatsapp web session in the Docker container. Is there a way to create a whatsapp interface in the Docker container?

The idea behind this container is to make it easy to install and use:

docker run -i -t /bin/bash
cd /whatsapp/vendor/whatsapp/chat-api/examples
php exampleFunctional.php

I hope this helps!

Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand the solution and I’m not yet very familiar with docker.
For example, what exactly should ./ do? And where should the path / whatsapp / vendor / whatsapp / chat-api / examples come from?
Is it advisable to create a new Docker container for this?
Would someone have a little explanation for me?