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When should docker daemon issue /Plugin.Activate?


(Aidanh2k) #1

Hi all,

Kinda new to docker, so I may be making some silly mistakes. I’m trying to write a simple ‘hello world’ volume plugin using Docker CE on Ubuntu 18. I noticed that my plugin receives /Plugin.Activate when I enter docker volume ls. This makes sense to me since the docker daemon would eventually try to send a /VolumeDriver.List I think. What doesn’t make sense to me is that the plugin does not seem to receive anything when I enter docker volume create -d myplugin myvol. I thought that attempting to create a volume using the plugin would cause an activate request to be sent.

Currently, my plugin doesn’t respond to the /Plugin.Activate request. It just prints the request itself, so I know that it’s been received.

Why is that request not being sent in this case? When should the activate request be sent when I want to create a volume?