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Where/how to install MySQL JDBC driver in QNAP Container Station?

Hello everybody,

I’m only used to Jira as a user, but now I want to test it as a server installation for my small mobile app development team. I want to install Jira (and later Bitbucket) on my QNAP TS-253Be (with 16 GB RAM) in a Docker container via Container Station. I’m also new to Docker.

I managed to install MariaDB on the QNAP NAS and can access it via phpMyAdmin. Installing the container for Jira itself was no problem. It runs and the installation wizard starts as soon as I open the container.

But when I get to the part where I need to connect to my db, I’m stuck. I chose MySQL 8.0 (after clicking on ‘I’ll set it up myself’ and ‘My Own Database’) and filled out all the forms. When I test the connection, I get the error

This seems logical to me, because there is no MySQL JDBC driver integrated in the container. But when I try to install it, I have no idea in which directory I have to copy the MySQL JDBC driver. I searched the web for two days and tried everything that was suggested, but it doesn’t work. I just can’t figure out where to install the MySQL JDBC driver in the container.

So I ask you for help:
Where and how can I install the MySQL JDBC driver in the QNAP container? How to find the Jira installation directory?

Thanks in advance & have a nice day