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Where's my free t-shirt

(Sebastianharko) #1

I deployed my first node on the Docker cloud, and I also deployed a container on that node … but no confirmation email to get my free t-shirt? Seriously …

(Sebastianharko) #2

OK tried again and I got the confirmation email

(Kickingthetv) #3

Sorry the email took a while!

(Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas) #4

Oh , so the stacks and service i’m deploying counts as well? :smiley:

(Lei Xu) #5

The same to me, after finishing all the things, there is no email :joy:

(Jérémy CROMBEZ) #6

Same here, i deployed two nodes, one custom and one from a provider, no emails :’(

(Chrismadan) #7

@kickingthetv I never got the email :confused:

(Eyalgolan) #8

Hi all,
I would like a free Docker t-shirt too :slight_smile:
how do I get one?