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Why can't add a new worker node?

(Mozkurt27) #1

I set up the Docker on two separate machines. One of them is the manager. Other worker. I installed UCP on the manager machine. The installation was successful. But when I added the worker machine as a new node, UCP gave an error. I do not see a problem when I look at the two machines from the command line. The manager has added a node in the machine and the status appears as Ready (Active). But UCP gives an error. I would like to thank all the friends who will inform you about this reason.

My docker version

Docker EE 2.0

My UCP version

UCP 3.0.0

(Bryce Ryan) #2


To troubleshoot issues with Docker EE, please see our knowledge base article on resources available:

(Mozkurt27) #3

Thank you for your help …