Why did services move

We have any application in our test environment which has 11 services (docker engine) swarmed across 4 servers. During a recent performance test, the only 2 services on one server where both shutdown and moved to another server. They started fine, and other than an hiccup in the performance test, everything continued ok.

But… how can I find out why the services where moved? The application logs and docker logs for the containers don’t show any errors in those two services, they just look like they where shutdown.

Having same issue: containers are killed and moved, and I can’t figure out why

Have you figured out how to investigate why containers are moved?

We are facing the same issue. Containers gets killed and restarted without any reason. No Idea what’s happening with the swarm manager. Were you able to identify the cause of it?

Docker version: 1.13.1