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Why does docker-compose want to open my kwallet?

Since some time whenever I run docker-compose up for the first time after logging in (or even docker-compose down if I forget whether I have started the services or not), I get a kwallet popup wanting my password (kwallet is the KDE secret store). It’s surprising and suspicious. Why would docker-compose need or want access to my secret store? Why every time rather than only when it really needs to (to authorize with an image repository or whatever)?

If you want to run docker as non-root user then you need to add it to the docker group.

Create the docker group if it does not exist
sudo groupadd docker Add your user to the docker group. sudo usermod -aG docker USER Run the following command or Logout and login again and run (that doesn't work you may need to reboot your machine first) newgrp docker

Check if docker can be run without root
$ docker run hello-world
Reboot if still got error

$ reboot

Did you check if docker-compose appears in the Applications tab of the KWallet Manager? If yes then disconnect it.

No, it does not appear there.