Why I can't reach container by its ip?

I can’t reach container by its ip if I created it as regular user other wise containers created by root is fully reachable by its ip?

It would help a lot if you could tell us more about your environment, and how you instaled Docker. However based on what you shared, I am almost sure you installed Docker Desktop for Linux and also Docker CE on the same machine. Docker Desktop will run a virtual machine so you will not be able to access the IP addresses inside that virtual machine from your host. Docker CE on the other hand runs directly on your host and creates Docker Network with the ip addresses on the host. Running the docker client as root would run Docker CE and running it as a non-root user would run containers in Docker Desktop by default. You can switch between these by changing contexts

Docker CE

docker context use default

Docker Desktop for Linux

docker context use desktop-linux

Actually I’m using podman from Rhel9

You should have started with this information since you are not even using Docker.

I don’t really use podman, I tried it before, but that’s all. When you run it as root, it has right to create container networks that you can access from the host, but as a non-root user it uses a different network driver (slirp4netns), so you should probably forward a port to access that ip address, but it looks like podman provides another way too

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