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Why is my Docker so heavy?

Hi guys, I’m new to Docker. I’m using it the first time, because my new team uses it. I’m a web dev, not really into Dev Ops, so I don’t have much experience with customizing servers.

The machine we use at my new team seems to be poorly optimized, it drains my MacBook’s battery very fast and makes the fans go crazy most of the time.

Can I just ask you guys to give me some hint where to start trying to optimize it, look for a reason why is it so heavy? Please forgive me my general question, but this is really out of my expertise, yet I need to have it lighter, because my computer is physically hot when I launch Docker and that’s really uncomfortable :slight_smile:

I’m on macOS Mojave (10.14.5), using newest Docker Desktop, but I’m aware that it’s not Docker Desktop’s fault.