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Will my windows container work on linux worker node in swarm?

(Rdagumampan) #1

Hi guys,

Appreciate an expert advise. We have a Docker EE setup on RH Linux platform.
Give that we have setup like this:

  • 2 master nodes (linux)
  • 2 worker nodes (linux)
  • 1 worker node (windows server)
  • UCP
  • Docker Swarm

When I build a windows container to run a .NET console service built on .NET 4.6.2.

How will this be able to join the swarm?
Will my container be able to run on the worker nodes running Linux host OS?
How docker swarm manage the fail-over of the nodes? Will the replica only gets distributed on the windows worker nodes?
Is this setup of ours make sense?

I had some readings that windows containers only runs on Windows host but Linux containers can run both Linux and Windows host nodes.

Will be testing this this week but would be great to hear your experiences.

Br, Rodel