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Windows containers in Service Fabric uptime issue

(Arus) #1


I have started using Docker to host a lift and shift scenario for an IIS application into Service Fabric. Unfortunately there seems to be some issues with the uptime of the containers.

Some information

  1. containers run in process isolation.
  2. base image is microsoft/iis, but I’ve tried microsoft/aspnet as well with the same results.
  3. OS build 14393.2339 Version 1607

What it appears to be happening is that whenever a VM in the Service Fabric cluster starts hitting high values of CPU usage, the container host just terminates with the message “ContainerHostTerminated” and “UnexpectedTermination=true”.

Is there any known limitations or common misconfigurations that could have been made? Any help would be appreciated. Please tell me if more information can be provided.

Thank you,