Windows Kernel emulation

I got a really “weird” question: Can docker emulate/simulate the windows kernel for container?

Currently I got the task to improve a test lab of my company.
There are multiple Client VMs running which got a 100% uptime but idle most of said time.
Now I wanted to create System Container (I know not docker’s main focus) to store the client VMs for a overall reduction in reserved resources.
The problem is that they run to 99% Windows (7 and 8 in all different distributions) and I can´t find a way to create an environment for windows server container (except for WS2016, which is out of question because of their stupid licenceing).

Can docker emulate other kernels or is there a software that can “translate” from a Linux/ESXi Kernel to windows kernel? :frowning:

If anything is “unclear or confusing” please simply ask me I will try to explain as much and good as possible.