Windows Server 2016 TP5 - Docker server remote management

Hi Patrick, thanks.

Actually, what is written here is correct.

“The default startup behavior is to listen on only the named pipe, which will prevent remote connections.”

If I stop docker daemon, and start it with the command like below, It will be reachable remotely (without TLS in this case):
dockerd -H npipe:// -H tcp://

Next, I can manage it remotely and try to run windows container from another windows server this way:
docker -H tcp:// run -d microsoft/iis

However, everything fails here… and no single container is started. When I issue docker run command above, the output is like this:

docker: Error response from daemon: HCSShim::CreateComputeSystem failed in Win32: The operating system of the containerdoes not match the operating system of the host. (0xc0370101) (I use only x64 Windows OS here)

If I try to pull docker image, the error is this:

latest: Pulling from microsoft/iis
6ff3efb31344: Extracting [==================================================>] 2.522 kB/2.522 kB
10b3040784bb: Download complete
**docker: failed to register layer: layer does not exist.**

Any ideas? :slight_smile: