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Wrong IP in Edit endpoint docker cloud/Azure?


(Msalvadores) #1


After creating a swarm using the Azure connector. I go to “Edit Endpoint” and I see the following blur …

if left empty, Docker Cloud uses the auto-detected public IP of the manager nodes to connect to the Swarm. You can override this value by specifying an IP address or a hostname in the field below

But … The IP I see there is the one associated with my “swarm-worker-vmss” resource in Azure and not with the one in “swarm-manager-vmss”

The way I interpret the text is that I should get there the IP of the manager but this is not the case. I am misinterpreting the text or this is a bug?


(Msalvadores) #2

It seems that the IP in there is the one associated with the external load balancer in the Azure Resource Group created for the swarm. I think that makes sense.