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WSL Ubuntu Docker forum : the command "chgrp" / "chown" doesn't work on the drive D

Hi, :grinning:
I am working on the Windows 10 with Docker Desktop so I have Ubuntu and WSL2 on the internel Disk C.
My web site, website, is located on the external drive D [D:\websites\website].

I tested the “chgrp” command on my home ubuntu [\wsl$\Ubuntu\home\beginnerjdocker\test\remove] it works :

docker@Jhon:~/test$ sudo chgrp www-data ./remove
docker@Jhon:~/test$ sudo ls -l
total 4
drwxr-xr-x 2 beginnerjdocker www-data 4096 May 13 12:18 remove

I tested alos the command chown it works.

but when I tested this command on my container [D:\websites\website\foo]
It does not work! :anguished:

docker@Jhon:/mnt/d/websites/website$  sudo chgrp www-data ./foo 
docker@Jhon:/mnt/d/websites/website$ sudo ls -l
drwxr-xr-x 2 beginnerjdocker beginnerjdocker 4096 May 11 16:52 remove

no more with : :frowning_face:

docker@Jhon:/mnt/d/websites/website$ sudo chown -R www-data ./foo

I also applied this solution
but I have not any success. :unamused:
Do you have other idea for this ? :grinning: