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wxWidgets Docker Image Request

Not sure if this is allowed but I’d like to request a Docker image. I’m just getting started with Docker but have been developing for a long time.

I’d really like a Docker image for doing wxWidgets C++ development, especially cross-compiling Linux and Windows applications.

Does such a Docker image exist already? If not, is there anywhere to request one? I’m working on creating one but the learning curve is steep for someone just getting started with Docker.

Thanks in advance,

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I think you’re really looking for two different Docker images:

  1. A Docker image with a reasonably stable wx compiler and cross-compiler, headers, frozen version of the docs, etc.; use volumes or docker cp to get your source in and binaries out
  2. A template for a Docker image that runs a single application (yours), which happens to be written using WX, via some GUI (maybe VNC with a simple window-manager)

For the first, this might be a good starting-point…

FROM debian:stable
RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install build-essential mingw-w64 \
      libwxgtk3.0-dev wx3.0-examples wx3.0-doc
WORKDIR /usr/src
ENTRYPOINT /bin/bash

For the second, take a look at and at .

Or you may have been asking about

  1. A Docker image that lets you edit your source, compile, test, debug, and compile for multiple platforms

but such a complex thing is not really the Docker philosophy, the way I understand it.