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X509 error when login to docker repo or trying to pull base image

I am unable to pull images from the companies docker repo.
I am running docker desktop v 19.03.5 on a windows 10 system. The enterprise will not allow me to upgrade,

The Docker repo is a newer version of GitLab. The company requires we use the companies CA instead of Verisign so until I change the CA cert it rejects our cert

if I issue

docker -D -l debug login -u login https//


docker -D -l debug pull

I get

Error response from daemon: Get :5050/v2/: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

google says I need to create a deamon.json and updating the ca.crt file. did not work. what do I need to on docker windows desktop to pull images from GitLab???

I know this has to be something that occurs frequently. It should be documented somewhere. I am surprised the documentation found by google is not working. I hope someone can point me at some documentation that is known to work