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You can only push an IMAGE and not a CONTAINER to DTR?

(Ralph Kincade) #1

is this right ?

so if you wanted to push a CONTAINER you would commit the changes and that would create and IMAGE and then you can push that IMAGE to the DTR

do i get this right???


(Jeff Anderson) #2

That is indeed correct. A running container is a running process on your system. If you make changes to the container’s filesystem, you can commit that container, and get an image with those changes. Going forward you can start new containers from the new image.

Any registry is a store of images, so that’s what gets pushed to them and pulled down.


(Ralph Kincade) #3

Jeff , thanks so much for the clarity on all this stuff , you are a true
asset to Docker !!

(Jeff Anderson) #4

Happy to be of help. :slight_smile: