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2 containers with 2 different physical internet connections?


Im starting with docker.
Got it on windows 10 pro.
I got 2 network cards in my PC, ethernet
witch 2 different internet connection, different ISP.

Is it possible to have 2 containers simultaneously working on 2 different internet connections on 1 pc? i will dig into how to do it, but, can You confirm its doable please?
I will appreciate any tips in that matter too.
When useing 1 container, with 1 internet, it of course works and connects.

best Regards and thank You

More commentary:
(Both internet connections are available, windows chooses one over another for programs using its metrics, i gave them both same “15” metric, but the connections are online, interesting stuff people does bridges to increase internet speed, or use one connection for download and other for upload! im interested if 1 virtual machine under hyper-v can get 2 internet connections simultaneously? or i have to make 1 virtual machine per internet connection(i don’t prefer that)