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2 Million Pulls in 12 days!

I’ve just noticed a docker image I updated a couple of weeks ago has been pulled more than 2 million times since then. I’d love to think the World had just recognized the genius encapsulated in the image. A more likely explanation is a runaway process is making excessive pull requests. Is there any way to check?

Here’s a link for the metadata
It was showing “pull_count”: 2042778 last time I checked.

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12 hours later the pull_count has gone up to 2625404.

Does anyone know how to report this to Docker?

3 days after the original post the pull count had increased to 3,800,898.
3,800,898 − 2,042,778 = 1,758,120
1758120 / 3 = 586,040 per day.

That’s got to be wasting Docker’s network resources

I’ve notified the community manager @jawxies through Slack on Saturday, who usually knows whom to alert. But I guess he has not read my message yet.

5,375,116 pulls right now. I guess it slowed down at some point?

Yes it seems to have slowed down. I suspect the issue was caused by a bot that parsed the project’s README and executed the docker run command in the usage instructions.